We are a Local Building and Renovation Company who differ from our competitors, we offer a service to our customers that is second to none. A family company who always thinks about the impact that building works entails and works with the Client to ensure that a functioning, safe environment remains during works.

On more than one occasion we have been given Architectural Drawings that on paper, work. However, with our knowledge and vision we are able to envisage any issues that may arise once these drawings are bought to reality and work on the ethos of,

Anything told before is an explanation, anything after is an excuse

For example: we do not build conservatories. We only build or renovate to ensure complete customer satisfaction, our knowledge of thermal values and insulation enables us to know that the end result with a conservatory means our clients on a long term basis will not be satisfied. They are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It maybe that someone says that they can be heated but Building Regulations state that no permanent heating can be sited in a conservatory. We could design, sell and install conservatories as part of our business but as stated, if the design does not meet the customer’s criteria then it should not be undertaken.

Complete Satisfaction

On the basis of complete satisfaction, you can rest assured that as a project evolves, if an issue arises that in our opinion can be moved forward in a better way then we will always offer this option. If an Architect hasn’t included outdoor lighting for example, you can rest assured that we will bring this to your attention prior to plastering so this can be added with as minimal cost and disruption as possible, not complete the project and then offer as an extra.

We treat all projects as a personal project. We feel that by putting ourselves in our clients shoes that this gives us the best opportunity to achieve total satisfaction. Remember we do this every day and can envision what the final result will be. It may be that what we suggest means extra works from our side but if that means the end result improves, then so be it!

Portfolio of Work

Our portfolio of works, all of which we are happy to put you in touch with, speaks for itself. We do not advertise, our work comes from recommendation and the knowledge that the person that comes to quote and discuss the works is the person that is on site, that is involved in completing the works and is the point of contact. We are not salesmen, we are not Property Management Consultants, we do not turn up, quote a job then sub the work out, we do not hide behind sub-contractors. We are what you get and stand by this is the best way to achieve the best results. 

We are members of both the Government backed Trustmark Certification and also the Federation of Master Builders, this means that our work has been inspected by a Government backed Inspector. 

The most important factor about taking on a Contractor to complete works on your property:

  • TRUST - Do you trust them? Is the person you hand the keys to the person opening up (or passing them onto unknown subbies?)
  • WORKS - The person that quotes, do they physically participate in the works or just instruct others to complete them? Is he a salesman or Builder???
  • POC - Point of contact, who do you talk to with any issues
  • PAYMENT- Does the Contractor require a deposit or large payment before works commence? We do not require either as the Client should always be ahead in financial terms of the Contractor to give piece of mind

A&S Developments, a business built on referrals and reputation. 


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